Advanced rules

With advanced rules you can construct your set of conditions, actions and alerts. Choose from 100 elements and define what happens when certain circumstances occur.

You can insert as many conditions and sub-conditions as you need and as many actions as you desire to achieve the goal that you need. Click the image on the right to see the whole list of the elements. If you need a specific element which is not on the list, we can develop it for you!

Rules can be set to be executed exclusivelly from the main or tray menu manually.

kiwi Samples

1) This set of advanced rules will restart an application if it crashes, is closed or freezes. The first set checks if the application is responsive (or it froze) and terminates it. The second set then launches this app if it's not running.



2) The image bellow illustrates a set of rules that launch a Torrent applications when the user is not active (mouse movement or key press) for more than 6 minutes and closes the applications if the user becomes active. It also writes specific data to a text file.



3) The following rule checks for the Internet connection and in case of failure writes into a log file, sends an e-mail and restarts the computer. If the Internet connection is established it checks for an IP and a web address and displays a message window in case of failure.



4) This rule will boost the audio volume and start a recorder if the defined song is played in Winamp. It will also set the volume back later.



5) The system clock will be synchronized with the selected atomic clock via the Internet every day at 10:30. Additionally a sound file will be played and an entry made into the Log.



6) Want to make a list of songs played in Winamp of some Internet radio station? With this set of just 2 elements you can. When the Winamp's title changes a line of text representing the song's author and title is added into a text file.


Advanced rules screenshot

Advanced rules: elements screenshot

Kiwi application monitor