Kiwi Admin


Control Kiwis on the network

Kiwi Admin is a small application that let's you control all your KAMs (Kiwi Application Monitor) on the network.

It's designed to:

  • automatically/manually register KAMs on the network
  • control the number of KAMs registered and transfer licenses
  • identify each KAM by computer name, IP, user name and full path
  • control the launch of each KAM (start with Windows, start Lite)
  • control the displayed KAM windows (alerts, errors, updates) and transfer them to Kiwi Admin
  • toggle the gathering of data for statistical purposes (memory, CPU, run time,...)
  • restrict the access to KAMs with the use of a password
  • set common e-mail server details for sending e-mail alerts
  • toggle full control over the settings in a KAM
  • update selected KAMs or all of them

Setting up

Kiwi Admin is placed on a computer in the network to which all the other computers with KAMs have access (read/write - full share) or a server. The program does not have to be active, just the access to the database.


Kiwi Admin comes free with the purchase of 5 or more licenses of Kiwi Application Monitor. Just send us an e-mail.

Kiwi Admin screenshots